The Sriracha Dream

Chef Profile pic

Devansh Jhaveri is a third generation Steel Foundryman with an intense love for cooking and all things related to gastronomy. He has been cooking since 2001 and specializes in International Cuisine. He has spent a better part of a decade in Los Angeles and had the opportunity to be a part of several multicultural friends’ weekend cooking rituals. He brings to the table absolutely authentic South American cuisine perfected over the years. Devansh also has a penchant for experimenting with food and likes to create over the top menu items which are rich and may lead to food coma. He is a Sriracha and Hot Sauce addict and is the creator of the first Indian Sriracha amongst several exotic creations.

Devansh believes that food is meant to be enjoyed without any reservations. Fully loaded food is the stairway to true bliss. He chooses to use the best and freshest ingredients even in his retail products to provide an experience that is a refreshing experience from the monotony of everyday commercialized concoctions.