The Events

Every journey is an experience and every experience becomes a memory. Mafia Chef is a versatile culinary company that has a multi-pronged market presence, concentrated in the area of manufacturing of Artisan Condiments, Hand Crafted Marinades, Gourmet Snackibles and India’s first Sriracha hot sauce!

Whats different is that at Mafia Chef we practice what we talk about. We take themes, workshops and build events around South American Cuisine. From curating and designing menu’s for restaurants and QSR’s and Catering of Gourmet and Exotic food items for special occasions.

Some of our clients have been hotels, restaurants like American Diner in Delhi to events in Chennai. From Mexican spicy food to the burritos, the enchiladas, the tacos. To the moles and the sauces Mafia chef has tried and tested the recipes over and over again to give you that exemplary South American experience

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